Umbrella / Excess Liability Insurance

While homeowner and auto insurance offers some liability protection, it’s not always enough. One hefty liability claim could easily surpass the limits in your home or auto policy. At the Insurance Center of Winchester, we understand that a simple liability claim could leave you responsible for financially crippling medical bills and court costs; and we want to help.

Umbrella insurance—also known as excess liability coverage—protects you if the limits of your existing liability policy are met. When a liability claim exceeds those limits, umbrella insurance adds additional protection. In short, umbrella insurance kicks in when your general liability coverage runs out.

Umbrella insurance also protects you in ways that your home and auto liability coverage does not, including:

  • Claims of libel
  • Claims of slander
  • False arrest
  • Emotional anguish
  • Malicious prosecution
  • World-wide liability

Keep in mind that you have much more to lose than just what’s in your bank account. Liability lawsuits put your investments, retirement funds and future earnings in jeopardy.

What Makes a Liability Claim?

If another individual is injured because of you—either while on your property or in a car accident—you could be held liable. Their treatment and any pain or suffering they experience could fall on you. Likewise, someone is liable for replacement or repair costs if they damage another person’s property.

Remember that business liability is different and needs a separate type of coverage. Visit our commercial property & liability page for more details.

To learn more about how the Insurance Center of Winchester can help protect you with umbrella insurance, contact our office today at (540) 667-0700.